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Steampunk RY4 Silver Flavor Shots 20ml/60ml

Steampunk Mix & Vape RY4 Silver (20ml for 60ml)

The silver city in South America was the next stop of the SteamPunk adventurer! The smell of revolution together with the Latin temperament was the beginning of a recipe that will give you what you want from your smoky refill liquid! A delicious, sweet smoky base nests in baked dough and ends with a hazelnut cream finish and a touch of butter caramel! Clear and enjoyable, RY4 Silver is your introduction to a magical world of premium steaming experience!

Flavor: Smoke, caramel, vanilla, pastry, hazelnut cream, butter caramel

Fill 40ml base of your choice and you will have 60ml liquid very easily and quickly.

Packaging: 60ml bottle

Maturation: 7-10 days

Contents: 20ml (concentrated perfume in PG)

Origin: Greece

* CAUTION: This product is not intended for immediate use.

It is a concentrated aroma and needs further processing and dissolution.

The new SteamPunk Flavor Shots series consists of 6 genuine smoky flavors.

The package is 60ml bottle of chubby gorilla and contains 20ml of concentrated perfume.

The recipes are by Vladimiros Stafilidis and are prepared in the laboratories of After-8.

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